Casting Calls

Season 2 casting CLOSED:

Deaf and Disabled Performers in the GTA!

Breaking Character slate resting on stool, with a person sitting in the interview chair in the background .APPLICATION CLOSED


SHOOTING - Summer/Fall 2023

Although we have found our cast we're always looking for projects, venues and casting calls looking to tell authentic Disabled Stories on stage, screen, club or runway.

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Breaking Character is casting for Season 2. The AMI docuseries is the first Canadian documentary series to explore the entertainment industry from the perspective of performers with disabilities. It comes at a critical time when the industry has started to recognize disability as the missing link of inclusivity. We want to be there to capture the ups and downs and show the various stages of the journey. 

Our message to viewers about performers with disabilities is simple: the talent is there; now it’s time to connect the talent to opportunities.

Who We're Searching For

Do you have a story to share? Seeking performers trying to take the next step in their careers.

A camera person films Cat, a Deaf actor performing  in a darken stage. A young girl leaning in to watch.A camera dollies in on Tai, out of his wheelchair as he mimes swimming in a vignette of waves made by crew flapping different fabric


We'll do the best we can to get the best from you!

We try our best to accommodate accessibility needs. Please let us know in your submission or by email of any accommodations that will make the process smoother.


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