Cast and Crew

Season 1 Cast

Alexia Vassos – The Graduate

Stage and Screen Actor, Little Person

Alexia was the first little person to graduate from her university’s theatre and drama program. After leaving the safe haven of academia, she’s embarking on a journey to find her place in the industry—whether on stage, screen or in an audio booth. She’s open to many avenues, but one thing’s for certain: she will not be tokenized.

Caeden Lawrence – The Philosopher

TV/Film Actor, Hard of Hearing

A bartender by day, Caeden has scored multiple bit parts in both film and TV. But after being diagnosed with genetic progressive hearing loss, he’s navigating new barriers in the industry. He worries that the powers-that-be see him as a “liability” on set, and wonders if he would he be better off finding security in the restaurant industry.

Catherine Joell McKinnon – The Veteran

Actor/Filmmaker/ASL Coach, Deaf

An established Deaf actress, Catherine was raised on the east coast and has lived in Toronto since the 90s. One of the highlights of her career was playing—in the same year—Alexander Graham Bell’s wife on screen in Murdoch Mysteries and his mother on stage in Silence. Besides acting, Catherine has made a name for herself as a Master Dialect Coach and Deaf consultant for major productions. Though juggling being in front and behind the camera has its challenges, Catherine is determined to make it work.

Dan Barra-Berger – The Storyteller

Comedian, Legally Blind

Dan, a stand-up comic with low vision, made the long list of CBC’s Next Up competition series. Now he just needs to become a regular on the comedy club circuit. Though humour is at the core of everything he does, so is storytelling. With the support of his partner, Michelle, he’s on a path to combining those talents to make people laugh, subvert their expectations and advocate for a more accessible world.

Rachel Romu – The Rebel

Model/Musician/Activist, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

A Thunder Bay native, Rachel is a model, musician and activist with a connective tissue disorder and a history of multiple surgeries for spinal tumors. After having to re-invent themselves post- surgery and diagnosis, they are hellbent on becoming a disability mogul one record and runway at a time.

Tai Young – The Multi-hyphenate

Performer/Personality, Wheelchair User

At 17, Tai is already a seasoned performer having appeared in numerous musical theatre productions, commercials and TV shows. As a wheelchair user, he’s passionate about disability representation in the media and has been part of national advocacy campaigns. He counts photography, makeup, fashion, tennis and skiing among his many interests. As for what happens after he graduates, Tai refuses to be pinned down.

Crew Credits

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Directed By:

  • Ryan Marley, Director
  • Ian Thompson, Director
  • Meagan McAteer, Director
  • Chrisann Hessing, Director
  • Sofia Lane, Director

Written By:

  • Michelle Asgarali, Writer
  • Karen Hanson, Writer

Produced By:

  • Karen Hanson, Executive Producer
  • Ian Thompson, Executive Producer
  • Michelle Asgarali, Series Producer
  • Brad Clarke, Line Producer
  • Andrew Morris, Production and Development Executive

Cinematography By:

  • Ian Carleton, Director of Photography
  • Mike Rilstone, Director of Photography
  • Josh White, Director of Photography

Film Editing By:

  • Margaret MacDougall, Series Editor

Sound Department:

  • Taylor Brockelsby, Re-Recording Mixer
  • Kristi McIntyre, Dialogue Editor
  • Kelly McGahey, Dialogue Editor
  • Liam Jollymore, Sound Recordist
  • Darren Snowden, Sound Recordist
  • David Best, Sound Recordist
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  • Daniela Pinto, Sound Recordist Additional Filming

Camera and Electrical Department:

  • Gayle Ye, Camera Operator
  • Paul Duck, Camera Operator
  • Paul Seaton, Camera Operator
  • Val Bonifaz, Camera Operator
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  • Mark Bone, Director of Photography Additional Filming
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  • Dexter Calleja, Gaffer
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Casting Department:

  • Marsha Chesley, Casting Director (Development)
  • Michelle Asgarali, Casting
  • Karen Hanson, Casting

Editorial Department:

  • Bailey Shakyaver, Lead Assistant Editor
  • Alyssa Fratangeli, Assistant Editor
  • Brianna Raakman, Assistant Editor
  • Michelle Asgarali, Story Editor
  • AJ McLauchlin, Colourist
  • Kevin Downer, Online Editor

Music Department:

  • Walker Grimshaw, Composer
  • Andrew McLeod, Additional Music Composer
  • Mike Tunks, Music Supervisor

Production Design (Studio Shoots) By:

  • Bea Macapagal, Production Designer
  • Leo Sciara, Art Director

Production Office:

  • Cara Lewis-Watts, Assistant Production Manager
  • Pauline Beal, Producer's Assistant
  • Ali Goldthorpe, Production Manager Additional Filming
  • Violet Elliot, Social Media Coordinator / Production Assistant

COVID-19 Compliance Monitor, DMT, Still Photographer:

  • Jotham Brown

Additional Crew:

  • Allan Redford, Consultant
  • Andrea Konowalec, ASL Interpreter
  • Tara Everett, ASL Interpreter
  • Carolyn Carter, ASL Interpreter
  • Justin Read, ASL Interpreter
  • Tyler Megarry, ASL Interpreter
  • Tammy Smith, ASL Interpreter
  • Susan Cargill, ASL Interpreter
  • Kat Milligan, Makeup Artist
  • Marilyn Duval, Makeup Artist
  • Em Williams, Integrated Described Video Consultant
  • Simone Cupid, Integrated Described Video Consultant
  • Joe Woodward, Business Affairs
  • Daniel Henry, Legal Counsel

Additional Credits


  • Jenna Silta, Tax Credit Administrator
  • National Bank of Canada - Creative Industries Group, Interim Financing - Carolyn Allain, Diana Calle
  • Lisa Lethbridge, Accountant
  • Darlene Milley, Insurance Broker

For Accessible Media Inc.:

  • Brian Perdue, Director / Programming, AMI-tv
  • John Melville, Vice President / Content Development and Programming, AMI-tv / AMI-audio
  • David Errington, President and CEO
  • Cassandra Chaddock, Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Greg David, Communications Specialist


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Digital Content Coordinator:

  • Katie McKenna

Additional Music:

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