Last updated: August 8, 2022.

It is our obligation that this website is accessible, with unhindered use for the disabled community. The following outlines how this site was developed, as well as our dedication to improvements.


Jessica tested this site across main web browsers and devices. Including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge. Desktop operating systems were macOS Monterey and Windows 11. Mobile devices were the Samsung Galaxy S20 Pro, Google Pixel, iPhone 7 and iPad mini 2.

The website was navigated using keyboard-only and assistive tech. Including Apple VoiceOver and Voice Control (on desktop), Microsoft Narrator, Android TalkBack and Voice Access (on mobile). Jessica also tested zoom, inverted and colour filters for scaling and visual checks. As well as an automated audit with 0 errors on the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool.

Usability Notes

Overall Site

August Update: The developer has added clearer focus states without outline styles. This includes links, anchors, and button elements.

Zoom Text Application: Horizontal scrolling needed when using the full zoom window setting for some areas. For better results, the developer recommends using browser settings to increase text size first. That way the window resizes properly. Then use Zoom Text for further magnification and accessibility features.

Video Player

The video players on the home and trailer pages are embedded from Vimeo. Accessibility information about the players can be found on their blog post at Video accessibility at Vimeo.

Breaking News Video Playlist

On the home page, under Breaking News, there is an embedded playlist from Vimeo. It contains multiple videos with Closed Captions, and is unable to be customized further. Under the playlist are individual links to each external video hosted on Vimeo. Transcript links for the videos are still being compiled.

Twitter Feed

The Twitter feed on the News page was created with Twitter Publish. Links and heading levels are compiled by the widget. All interactive elements direct you to Twitter in a new tab or window.


Breaking Character and Winterhouse Films Inc. knows accessibility is a commitment that must adapt over time. It involves going above compliance to serve the disabled community. Please reach out to our developer if you are are experiencing problems navigating this website. Or if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Contact Us

Please visit the Winterhouse Films website to contact us. Or follow Breaking Character on social media for the latest news.